How-to-Live-Victoriously -Basic Steps To A Better Life


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How-to-Live-Victoriously -Basic Steps To A Better Life
Overcoming hardships in life can sometimes be difficult especially in the absence of a spiritual road map or navigational system. Within in the pages of this powerful book, Dr. Mattie Nottage, with over forty years experience in kingdom ministry has penned practical nuggets on how you as a individual can overcome daily obstacles and live your best life ever. You will learn: Why Everyone Needs Salvation How To Maintain Your Salvation Spiritual Tools to Help You Overcome The Enemies ofYour Faith How To Build And Maintain A Personal Relationshipwith God Key Strategies On How To Live A Victorious Life.

   You will learn:

  • How to receive & maintain your salvation
  • How to utilize spiritual tools to build your faith
  • Key strategies on spiritual growth, development and maturity

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